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Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission

To point couples to Christ and commission marriages for the Gospel.

Our Core Beliefs

We uphold the following doctrinal statement individually and as a couple, as basic and essential orthodox belief:

God and Man

We believe in one God — Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. God created man in His own image and for the purpose of glorifying Him. However, instead of glorifying God, man glorifies himself and worships the created things instead of the Creator. Because of his rebellion and sin, man is separated from God and deserving of God’s punishment.

Jesus Christ

For His glory and because of His love for His children, God initiated a plan of redemption, which He fully accomplished on their behalf. God the Father sent Jesus the Son, fully God and fully man, to die on the cross as a substitutionary sacrifice for the sin of His children. Jesus lived a sinless life on earth, suffered death on the cross, was buried, and then rose again from the dead, demonstrating His victory over sin and death. Jesus fully paid for the redemption of God’s children, and, by God’s grace, we respond with repentance and faith.

The Holy Ghost

God, the Holy Ghost, opens blind eyes and draws God’s children to salvation. He then dwells in the hearts of believers, enabling their sanctification, and sealing them for eternity. The Holy Ghost has also been given to the people of God to empower them for obedience, service, and witness.

The Church

God brings His children together to form a family of believers, called the church, whose joy and duty is to live in unity in the power of the Holy Ghost and under the authority of Scripture.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is divine revelation, and we submit to its authority, acknowledging it to be inspired by God, without error and carrying the full weight of His authority.

Traditional, Biblical Marriage

We believe that marriage is a God-made institution meant for the flourishing of mankind and His ultimate glory. We believe that the Bible clearly defines marriage as a lifelong, exclusive union between one man and one woman.


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